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Easy Blog Networks: The best solution for PBN hosting and maintenance

Easy Blog Networks: The best solution for PBN hosting and maintenance


There are many SEO hosting providers but none really go this far as this new service with autopilot maintenance and security:

Easy Blog Networks is a PBN hosting service that installs blogs with 1-click on random servers hosted by big-brand hosting providers like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, HP Cloud, Rackspace, SoftLayer (IBM!) and others. The system automatically updates WordPress, plugins and themes and maintains daily blog backups.

It’s a far better solution than SEO hosting because it uses default IPs and DNS addresses given from other hosting providers (so when your blog is hosted at Rackspace, you’ll be using Rackspace’s DNS addresses), therefore lacking any footprints. There are also no issues with “bad neighborhoods” because your blogs will be hosted only with the best hosting providers.

Easy Blog Networks was built to be the easiest, simplest and 100% autopilot solution for building, hosting and managing your PBNs. And they achieved it. Best of all, you can try it for yourself completely risk free.

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Bertrand Allard


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