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Graphitii Club: Videographers For Your Cinemagraphs

Graphitii Club: Videographers For Your Cinemagraphs


At Graphitii Club, Professional Videographers Shoot Stunning Original Footage For Your Cinemagraphs, Every Month.

The pros shoot the video. You create the Cinemagraph.

All you need to do is pick the footage you want, then use Graphitii to turn it into the kind of Cinemagraph big brands are splashing out crazy money for.

As A Graphitii Club Member You’re Not Just Ahead Of The Game… You’re Playing By Your Own Rules.

It’s totally unfair!
While everyone else is fighting tooth and nail for any scraps of attention their amateur-hour video and second-rate cinemagraphs can muster up…

You’ll be firing up Graphitii and choosing from a monthly banquet of first-rate, professionally recorded HD videos…

You’ve got hundreds of perfect pre-shot videos to choose from.

While others are coughing up thousands of dollars for a limited supply stock video… You’ll never have to pay for a stock video again…

It’s game over for anyone who steps into the ring with you. The fight should be declared a NO CONTEST.

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Bertrand Allard

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