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Heat Map Tracker: See What Visitor Does Instantly When They Hit Your Page

Heat Map Tracker: See What Visitor Does Instantly When They Hit Your Page


The #1 Secret to Transform a SINGLE Customer into DOZENS of Future Sales, with ZERO Extra Work.

“This Stupid Simple Trick TRIPLED Sales and Boosted Leads by 300% in ONE Day… WITH LESS Traffic!”

See EXACTLY What Each Visitor Does Instantly When They Hit Your Page, and Gently Persuade Them to Do What YOU Want

Them To Do!

It’s kind of like looking over their shoulder as your visitors move around your site, make a purchase, sign-up to your list… or click away. You’ll be able to…

-Instantly see when, where and why they leave the page…
-Which parts of the page turn them off…
-The ‘blockages’ that are preventing the sale… and with that kind of intel you’d be able to remedy any web page in seconds.

Multiple Types of Heat Maps for Precise Intel

Heat Map Tracker provides accurate visitor heat maps, user-behavior & conversion optimization for better user-experience, engagement and sales.


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Bertrand Allard

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