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How to Earn Leads with Blogs

The Internet is full with opportunities for earning revenues. One could send emails to clients and promote new products and services. Another an alternative is to post ads on one’s blog and earn sales through the pay-per-click (PPC) method.

Blogs may earn revenues when companies are able to find leads. Business leads make use of the client’s contact information, which companies use to send targeted emails and ads.

To generate a lead using one’s blog, combine a few of these online marketing tactics:

1. Offer blog visitors resources and ways to enhance their lives.
One effective way to encourage potential clients to buy one’s products is to offer them access to resources that could improve their performance or productivity.

Fitocracy is one example of tool that helps people in their fitness goals. The mobile app is connected to a community in which users download content and videos on getting fit.

Blog owners can offer this app in their posts. For instance, they can provide the link and free access to Fitocracy as a reward to their loyal blog readers.

2. Offer personalized reports.
Reports such as horoscopes and personality profiles provide interesting information to clients. In return, clients have to give personal information such as their names, gender, and email address to qualify for the reports.

Normally, the reports are not free; some reports require full membership to the affiliated website.

Blog owners can make this process fast and convenient. Visitors will simply accomplish a form on the blog, encode the necessary details, and wait for the report to be automatically sent to their emails.

3. Recommend or send free newsletters.
Newsletters can be sent within a given time frame (weekly, monthly, or quarterly). Like personalized reports, newsletters provide value to clients. Newsletters may contain updates about products and services, or related articles to one’s business.

4. Offer free trials to clients.
Free trials draw a lot of traffic. First time clients would love to try out products and services without spending a lot. Entrepreneurs, for instance, may sign up for a free trial of Hubspot. Clients could select any tool from the platform and decide whether this is relevant to their business.

5. Create quizzes or surveys.
Surveys are lead magnets that encourage customer participation. They can be useful resources about the chosen demographic. Quizzes and surveys don’t have to be too formal. They can be fun yet interactive.

6. Use a toolbox that automates leads.
Using a lead generation toolbox can efficiently increase one’s inbound marketing strategies. Such software may contain a digital manual on inbound marketing, articles, case studies, or a step-by-step guide to lead generation. This kit is regularly sent to the one’s email.

7. Do affiliate marketing.
Affiliate marketing allows one to work with other companies and generate high-value leads in return. It’s important that one create quality partnerships. For example, blog owners could offer a tiered commission system – there’s a certain amount of commission for every valid leads sent or gained. Commissions are an excellent incentive to partners.

Generating leads don’t have to take time. Blog owners just have to maximize their options and choose the lead magnets that work best for them.

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