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SmileySEO: Analyze Your Competitors

SmileySEO: Analyze Your Competitors


Analyze Your Competitors Now, Optimize Your Online Business and Thank Us Later

Use Advanced Tools to Squeeze Every Last Dollar From Your Website!

Here’s what they offer:

Find out everything about the best keywords for your business
suggestions, monthly searches, expected SEO & paid traffic, competition, Cost-per-Click, CTR, etc. FREE!

Analyze your competitors, learn their techniques and dominate
backlinks analysis, social networking, traffic sources, keyword research, etc.

Optimize your own business with professional SEO advice
on-site SEO, off-site SEO, backlinks & trends, obtain .edu links, start social promotion, etc.

Track your website’s position in Google, Yahoo and Bing
check out charts that tell you how your website has been ranking for various keywords over time

Protect your exchanged links
immediately receive an email notification if your linking partners stop linking to your website FREE!

Don’t lose any money because your website stopped working
receive a notification & professional advice the second your website stops working for any reason FREE!

Check out the non-personalized Google search results
examine the real Google search results for a better insight into real rankings of your websites absolutely FREE!

Export reports to PDF and Excel documents
send your research to a friend or show detailed website reports to your clients FREE!

Everything is really easy to use easy as 1-2-3, with additional information next to every choice you have to make

Because those tools will take care of everything that could go wrong, you’ll be able to focus on your marketing and growing your business. And that’s what really matters.


Bertrand Allard

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