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Lead management can be challenging if one does not have the right tool. The rules of business dictate that salespeople should be able to cover an area and see how they could make the residents their customers. In digital marketing, however, these potential clients are determined through the personal information they send over the Internet. This could be in the form of surveys, quizzes, newsletter sign-ups, and e-coupons.

These clients are also called “leads”, because the information they provide can be of great use|beneficial in promoting one’s products and services. Leads also help attract traffic and sales.
Moreover, lead management can guide a business in converting leads into actual sales. This process is most often described as a funnel. Imagine the top of the funnel. This is where the new leads are. They have been acquired through different means: web forms, surveys, quizzes, affiliates, social media, tracked web cookies, and lists.

The purpose of lead management is to aid the business track each potential client and follow up on their subscription or signing up. Lead management aids in making real sales. Meanwhile, software developers have released various products to make lead management more convenient. These are:

1. Oracle Sales Cloud
Oracle operates on smart CRM, thanks to its analytics and adaptive business planning system. Oracle can be integrated with MS Outlook and works perfectly on most mobile devices.

SAP is best used to improve customer relationships. It speeds up transaction and provides a streamlined business process. Companies that have used SAP CRM have reportedly become more efficient in managing leads.

3. Quickbase
Quickbase offers a flexible solution in managing leads. Think of automated workflows, unlimited data updates, and built-in integrations with cloud-based apps. Quickbase also has a user-friendly interface. Its features include lead distribution and capture, lead scoring and segmentation, and source and activity tracking.

4. Zoho CRM
Zoho is quite popular with digital marketers because it simplifies lead management. It also speeds up the selling process. Zoho is known for automating sales and increasing productivity. It contains a toolbox for capturing lead information directly from the website.

5. Opphound
Opphond is a fast lead management tool. It tracks sales and helps companies decide better using the customer data they have. Opphound provides forecasting, collaborating, and planning so the sales team could manage their resources more efficiently.

6. Prosper Works
ProsperWorks replaces manual data entry and boosts team efficiency. This CRM software encourages the sales team to focus on earning revenues and increasing conversions.

7. SendX
This lead management software is popular among startups, bloggers, and large companies. SendX provides a digital marketing toolbox, thus encouraging sales growth. SendX is one strong marketing platform.

8. Integrate
Integrate makes it possible for marketers to automate lead generation. It speeds up marketing efforts and works well with other cloud-based apps and CRM systems. The result is a cleaner, more organized process to earn revenues.

9. FounderSuite
This software is great for companies that aim to raise capital. Aside from having the Investor CRM, FounderSuites offers Founders Market, which focuses on deals with other CRM products, and Startup Docs, which is made of templates and term sheets.

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