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VideoBuilder: Creating Killer 3D and Animated Videos

VideoBuilder: Creating Killer 3D and Animated Videos


The Total Solution To Creating Killer 3D and Animated Videos…

…It’s Super Easy-To- Use And Won’t Bust Your Budget!

VideoBuilder provides a total solution for pro-quality video.

It handles the entire video creation, editing and rendering process from A to Z. And despite its incredible array of features, it’s still easy enough for anyone to use – even total newbies!

With its cutting-edge video canvas creation capabilities, animation, text/visual effects, 3D avatar creation, video editing and our revolutionary life-like text-to- speech/lip-sync technology…

…literally anyone can create super-engaging 3D animation videos that will stand head-and-shoulders above the competition!


You can choose from a wide selection of 3D male or female life-like avatars as well as 47 different voices, accents and over 24 languages.

You also get a vast library of background images and videos, full canvas capabilities with our incredibly easy-to- use creation platform, and a whole lot more!

You can even use your own video (with or without green-screen) as well as voice-overs.

The possibilities are endless! (be sure to watch the demo video below!)

VideoBuilder Gives You All The Tools You’ll Ever Need To Easily Create Winning Videos!

Once your videos are created, you can easily upload them to Youtube or Vimeo, as well as post them on your site, blog and even social media in a matter of minutes.


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Bertrand Allard

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